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ChemClear provides peace of mind.

ChemClear has collected and destroyed in excess of 56 tonnes of surplus agricultural chemicals in NSW since 2004. It‟s an impressive figure, but even more impressive is the peace of mind ChemClear provides as well.

Take, for example, the story of an older couple living on a farm in regional NSW. The man not only farmed his land, but also took care of his ageing wife, until he had a severe stroke. The stroke caused him to be hospitalised for quite some time, and it became obvious that returning to the farm was sadly not a realistic option. The two grown-up daughters, his only children, then faced the difficult task of packing up the farm and putting it up for sale. Along with all the usual odds and sods was a shed full of stockpiled chemicals. The farmer had been keeping his left-overs for years, thinking that it was best to hang onto them „just in case‟. What he didn‟t realise was that he had created a health and environmental hazard, and it was now left to his daughters to deal with it.

Fortunately, they heard about ChemClear. They rang the booking line and found out how to register the chemicals for collection. They were also given stickers to place on the containers which clearly identified the level of hazard, the name of the chemical and its registration number. The daughters then had to simply make sure the chemicals were stored appropriately until the designated ChemClear collection in their area. It was one thing less they had to worry about.

These chemicals will be collected in June, when ChemClear holds a collection run throughout NSW.

Do you have left-over or unwanted chemicals stored on your property? Have you considered the risk they may pose to your family or your land? Degradation of product and containers can occur, creating a very real hazard.

ChemClear is hoping to clean up close to another 56 tonnes of unwanted ag chemicals on this run. Imagine the peace of mind that will bring to many farmers and their families. Those interested in accessing the service should call ChemClear on 1800 008 182. The booking line closes on the 30th April for this collection run.

Lisa Nixon, ChemClear Program Manager said, “We are fully aware that traditionally farmers have stored chemicals on farm, which in some cases are surplus, obsolete or unknown. The need to remove these chemicals appropriately from farms and businesses is an important part of best practice in OH&S and risk management. We encourage chemical users to take advantage of the upcoming collection.”

Currently registered chemicals produced by manufacturers who are part of the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme are classified as Group 1 and are collected free of charge.

As an additional service, ChemClear is able to collect ag chemicals that are de-registered, out-of-date, mixed, unlabelled, unknown, or, produced by a manufacturer not contributing to the stewardship program. However, there is a fee attached to the collection of these chemicals.

ChemClear is an industry-run initiative managed by Agsafe. Group 1 ag and vet chemicals are funded by a levy on the sale of agriculture and veterinary chemicals.

For further information about ChemClear collections please call the registration line on 1800 008 182 or visit www.chemclear.com.au.

To find out more about Agsafe and its farm chemical programs visit www.agsafe.com.au..

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