This is a selection of the resources held at Lithgow Regional Library and Bathurst City Library. The selection indicates works of both a specific and general nature. There are also photographs, vertical files and maps held by the Libraries for research purposes.


Allen M, The western industrial district 1972
LR 338.099445 ALL

Armstrong, Gary,The archaeology of coal mining: site formation processes affecting coal mining sites in the Lithgow Valley, a case study 1991
LR 609 ARM

Australian Coal & Shale Employees Federation, Miners Federation of Australia: 50th anniversary [1965]
LR 331.8812233 MIN

Blanchard, Bill Just as the sun went down 1993
LR 622.334 BLA

Brown, Jim W, Bent backs: an illustrated social and technological history of the Western Coalfields [1989]
LR 994.45

Carne, JE, Geology and mineral resources of the Western Coalfield 1908
LR 559.44 CAR

Casey Jim, Class identity in periods of industrial conflict: a study of the 1949 coal strike in Lithgow 1994

Clements, Helen, The 1949 general coal strike 1976
LR 994.05 CLE

Cremin, Aedeen, Survey of historical sites Lithgow area: report on a survey prepared for the Heritage Council of New South Wales by the University of Sydney 1981 1987
LR 994.45 UNI

Downey,RW, Lithgow as an industrial centre: history of industry in Lithgow [ n.d.]
LR 338.099445 DOW

Genders, Basil, Coal mines in the Western Field [1992]
LR 622.334 GEN

Pratten, Christopher, Lithgow State Coal Mine: conservation plan 1994
LR 385.50659445 PRA



Baker, Robert, Historic Sofala : a goldfield that changed a nation: 1951 -1943, 1985
LH 994.45 BAKE

Baker, Robert, The second rush : a study of the goldrush to Sofala in 1851, 1986
LH 994.45 BAKE

Bartlett, Robert, First gold, 1999

Burke, Keast, Gold and silver, 1973

Cook, Kerrin, The glint of gold : a history and tourist guide of the goldfields of the central west of New South Wales, 1999
LHQ 994.45 COOK,

Coupe, Robert, Australia's gold rushes, 2000
LH 994.031 COUP

Drinkwater, M., The German-Australian called Holtermann, 1985
LH 994.45 HOL

Drinkwater. M., Hill End gold, 1982
LHQ 994.4 DRI

Friend, Donald, A collection of Hillendiana : comprising vast numbers of facts & a considerable amount of fiction concerning the goldfield of Hill End and environs, 1956
LH 994.45 FRIE

Goodwin, Bruce, Gold and people: recollections of Hill End 1920s to 1960s, 1992
LH 995.45 GOOD

Higgins, Matthew, Gold & water : a history of Sofala and the Turon Goldfield, 1990
LH 994.45 HIGG

Hodge, Brian, Frontiers of Gold, 1979
LH 994.45 HODG

Hodge, Brian, Sunset of gold, 1998
LHQ 994.45 HODG

Hodge, Brian, Touring Hill End, 1988
LH 994.45 HODG

Hodge, Brian, Valleys of gold, 1976
LH 994.45 HODG

Hodge, Harry, The Hill End story. Book 1: A history of the Hill End - Tambaroora gold field, 1964
LH 994.45 HODG

Hodge, Harry, The Hill End story. Book 2, 1965
LH 994.45 HODG

Hodge, Harry, The Hill End story, Book 3 : memories and vignettes, 1975
LH 994.45 HODG

Jones, Leo J., The Gulgong goldfield, 1940
LH 622.342 JONE

Morrison, M., Mountains of Gold : fine gold mining at Junction Reefs, 1990
LH 622.342 MORR

Schaule, Gunter, Holtermann's nugget, 2000
LS 823.4 SCHA

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