What is the LEP?

Exhibited Draft

The following planning documents were placed on public exhibition from 20th June 2013 to 9 August 2013.

Planning Proposal –Draft Lithgow Principal Local Environmental Plan 2013

Draft Lithgow City Local Environmental Plan 2013 (LEP)

Land Use Matrix

Plain English Version

Draft Lithgow City Local Environmental Plan 2013 Mapping:

Public Land Reclassification

Lithgow Gateway Determination




Related Planning Documents

The following documents provide the key strategic framework upon which the Planning Proposal and Draft LEP has been based.

Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030

LUS endorsement

Lithgow Heritage DCP Study 2010

Community Strategic Plan 2026

These documents bring together a mass of other strategic work undertaken in the areas of business and retail development, economic development, industrial land identification, open space and recreation, heritage as well as cultural and social planning. 

Relevant Planning Reports

Relevant Council Minutes


Fact Sheets

A series of fact sheets have been developed to explain in more detail the different elements of the plan and the planning process.  These fact sheets will assist your understanding of a range of matters relevant to Draft LEP 2013. 

Have Your Say

What is a Local Environmental Plan?

What is new in the LEP

Understanding the maps

Public Land Reclassification

Land Use Zones


Business Zones

Environmental Protection Zones

Industrial Zones

Recreational Zones

Residential Zones

Rural Zones

Special Purpose Zones

Heritage Items and Places and Heritage Conservation areas

Existing Use Rights

Requests for Rezoning






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