Community Feeback

The Public Exhibition of the Planning Proposal for the Draft Lithgow Local Environmental Plan (LEP) has now concluded.

 All submissions will be acknowledged by a letter or by email.  If you lodged a submission and have not received an acknowledgement by 23 August 2013, please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 02 63549906.

Council has received 110 written submissions. Council’s Strategic Planning Team are currently reviewing the submissions received.  The issues raised in submissions and the proposed responses will be reported to a Council meeting.  The date of the meeting has not yet been set.  This page will be updated to advise the date when it is confirmed.

Note:  Only those submissions that requested the name and address of the submitter to be withheld have been marked as private and have been duly redacted to withhold such information.  All other submission have been uploaded unaltered.




Click on the links below to view the submissions

pdf Agnew.pdf
pdf Allchin.pdf
pdf Anderson 1.pdf
pdf Anderson 2.pdf
pdf Austin 1.pdf
pdf Austin 2.pdf
pdf Austin 3.pdf
pdf Baker.pdf
pdf Bandanora Pastoral.pdf
pdf Bathurst Regional Council.pdf
pdf Blue Moutains City Council.pdf
pdf Botfield.pdf
pdf Bray.pdf
pdf Burrows.pdf
pdf Caddis.pdf
pdf Caesar.pdf
pdf Ceedive Pty Ltd.pdf
pdf CEH-Feltcher.pdf
pdf CEH-Grosfield.pdf
pdf Centennial Coal.pdf
pdf Chifley Local Area Command.pdf
pdf Cibulka.pdf
pdf Clark.pdf
pdf Collis.pdf
pdf Cullen Bullen Lifestyle Group Inc.pdf
pdf Curran.pdf
pdf Dakamo Pty Ltd.pdf
pdf Danaher.pdf
pdf Delta Electricity.pdf
pdf Department of Defence Final.pdf
pdf DuBern.pdf
pdf Duffy.pdf
pdf Energy Australia.pdf
pdf Essential Energy.pdf
pdf Favell.pdf
pdf Fitzgerald.pdf
pdf Flynn.pdf
pdf Funnell.pdf
pdf Gabriel.pdf
pdf Glen Alice Community Association Inc.pdf
pdf Glencore.pdf
pdf Good Earth Landscape and Building Supplies.pdf
pdf Green.pdf
pdf Hall.pdf
pdf Hollands.pdf
pdf Hunter.pdf
pdf Huxley.pdf
pdf Ian Rufus of Hillcrest - Capertee.pdf
pdf Ian Rufus of Hillcrest - Macauley St.pdf
pdf Ingham Planning Pty Ltd.pdf
pdf Integrated Design Associates - Westfund.pdf
pdf Integrated Design Associates - Centennial.pdf
pdf John Holland Rail Pty Ltd 1.pdf
pdf John Holland Rail Pty Ltd 2.pdf
pdf Jory.pdf
pdf Le Fevre.pdf
pdf Lithgow & District Workmens Club.pdf
pdf Lithgow and District Community Forum.pdf
pdf Lithgow Escarpment Landcare Group.pdf
pdf Mahony.pdf
pdf McLoughlan and Cinat.pdf
pdf McGrigor.pdf
pdf Mehrtens.pdf
pdf Mine Subsidence Board.pdf
pdf Morris.pdf
pdf Morrisey.pdf
pdf NSW Corrective Services.pdf
pdf NSW Health Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District.pdf
pdf NSW Land and Housing Corporation.pdf
pdf NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.pdf
pdf NSW Primary Industries - Ag.pdf
pdf NSW Primary Industies - Fisheries.pdf
pdf NSW Primary Industries - Office of Water.pdf
pdf NSW Trade & Investment.pdf
pdf NSW Trade & Investment - Crown Lands.pdf
pdf NSW Transport RMS.pdf
pdf O'Connell.pdf
pdf Owens.pdf
pdf Paton Hooke Lawyers.pdf
pdf Peter Basha Planning and Development.pdf
pdf Peters.pdf
pdf PGH Environmental Planning.pdf
pdf Pillans.pdf
pdf Private 1.pdf
pdf Private 2.pdf
pdf Private 3.pdf
pdf Private 4.pdf
pdf Private 5.pdf
pdf Private 6.pdf
pdf Private 7.pdf
pdf Private 8.pdf
pdf Private 9.pdf
pdf Redding.pdf
pdf Richardson.pdf
pdf Rural Fire Service.pdf
pdf See.pdf
pdf Sheehan, Russ, Nosbor.pdf
pdf Stanmar Pty Ltd.pdf
pdf State Water.pdf
pdf Stoneman and McLelland.pdf
pdf Stoneman.pdf
pdf Sydney Catchment Authority.pdf
pdf Thirlwall 1.pdf
pdf Thirlwall 2.pdf
pdf Thompson.pdf
pdf Tiley.pdf
pdf Transgrid.pdf
pdf Trevor-Jones.pdf
pdf Urbis.pdf

The following submissions have been received by Council after the close of public exhibition.  Where possible these submissions will still be considered by Council in the Draft LEP 2013 decision making process.

pdf Boral.pdf
pdf Boskae.pdf
pdf Bray.pdf
pdf Don Fox Planning.pdf
pdf Forestry Corporation.pdf
pdf Heritage Council of NSW.pdf
pdf Martens.pdf
pdf Maxwell.pdf
pdf NSW Education and Communities.pdf
pdf NSW Transport Railcorp.pdf
pdf Rowe


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